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Sasha Zaitseva

Sasha Zaitseva, a Ukrainian artist from Donetsk, delves into the complexities of cultural identity, shaped by her upbringing in a Russian-Ukrainian family. With the backdrop of the war in Donbass, her native region, Zaitseva reflects on the profound influence of cultural identity on behavior, appearance, thoughts, and self-perception — a theme that remains a constant source of inspiration for her work.

Her art seamlessly blends ready-made materials from her hometown with mass-market objects symbolizing Western culture, providing a visual narrative of the intricate process of identity formation.

In addition to this exploration, Zaitseva fearlessly addresses themes of sexuality, femininity, and violence. Drawing from family stories, gossip, and personal experiences, she challenges conventional boundaries, prompting viewers to contemplate the nuanced intersections of sex and war within the context of personal and collective histories.

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